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On behalf of Rastelli Global I’d like to thank CBT Integrated Logistics, LLC. for introducing us to your company and Services. Prior to partnering with CBT it was the intention of Rastelli global to find a company with a strong background in Logistics Management to assist us in reducing our delivered costs. I had met with a few competitors and CBT stood above as the right Logistics Company to partner with.

It has been many months since CBT has partnered with us and the results couldn’t be any better. The benefits to our organization have surpassed my expectations. The financial benefits have gone as anticipated and forecasted. The operational benefits have been critical to our success.

CBT’s Chesapeake, Virginia team worked closely with our suppliers and staff to ensure a smooth transition. From the first day of CBT managed loads we have not had any problems or down time. This exemplary transition is a direct result of CBT’s understanding of Logistics and our needs. The CBT team worked onsite and off diligently to ensure our business felt no “tremors” during this transition period.

The operational benefits have been visible on the warehouse floor and to our overhead costs. CBT’s ability to manage, communicate and work at the same speed as our operation allowed us to make some significant improvements to our throughput. We have been able to reduce our order turn around time from 1+ days to just hours on CBT managed loads. The cost savings, warehouse space and overall “stress” of our environment have been improved.
I can attest that from day one and since I continually feel that your philosophy of working as a partner rather than an independent logistics group proves to be perfect for our operation.

In my career I have dealt with many Logistics groups none of which were as well rounded as CBT.  In my past experience I have discovered that many groups have the skills but not the dedication and ethic. Some other’s may have great “salesmen” but not enough experience. After this experience I am confidant stating that CBT has the knowledge, integrity, dedication, experience, and leadership skills which establishes them as best in the Logistics Industry.


Patrick Ternyila
Director Of Operations and Logistics
Rastelli Global