CBT Integrated Logistics


3rd Party Logistics Division

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CBT 3rd Party Logistics Consulting is prepared to assist your company with its inbound logistics opportunities. Whether you are contemplating a new program start up or an enhancement to an existing program, CBT 3PL Consulting will customize a program specific to the needs of your organization.

In the event that your organization does not currently utilize an inbound logistics program, our staff is fully capable of initiating the development of a program for you. We will review your purchasing history, perform vendor data collection, conduct lane profitability analysis, identify conversion opportunities and prepare a comprehensive financial impact statement relative to the potential opportunity. If you decide to implement a program, CBT 3PL is capable of comprehensive program management on a contract basis. CBT 3PL is also capable of the training and development activities necessary for your prospective personnel to manage and expand your program at the local level.

If your company currently coordinates inbound activity, our staff is prepared to assist your logistics personnel with vendor data collection activity, review of current purchasing patterns, lane profitability analysis, conversion opportunity identification and carrier analysis required in order to reliably support any new or existing lanes. At the end of our review, we will submit recommendations to your organization along with a statement of financial impact that these recommendations will realize.

The CBT 3PL Consulting staff consists of successful Inbound Logistics Management personnel.Our team of professionals is committed to development techniques that will generate maximum expense reduction and realize enhancement of your organizations bottom line.

CBT Logistics Consulting would like the opportunity to discuss the Inbound Logistics opportunity of your organization at your convenience.